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Yin & Yang Master Class

Yin & Yang are coming together in ONE Master Class, led by Luis and Amanda!

Join Luis and Amanda as they lead you through this dynamic master class focused on balancing both yang and yin energy within the body, mind and spirit.


You'll start by igniting your yang energy with Luis! He'll lead you through strength building drills, integrated alignment, and detailed breakdowns of common poses. You’ll strengthen your chaturanga, firing up and tightening your core muscles as you play with arm balances and inversions.


Then, you'll slow down as Amanda leads you through heart openers, giving you the space to trust your intuition and develop equanimity on and off your mat. You'll explore techniques to help increase flexibility, lengthen and tone your body, get still during unsteadiness, and go inward to tap into the passion that drives everything you do.

Saturday, November 17th

12:30pm - 2:30pm

at Yoga One Dilworth


$40 per participant


This workshop is for anyone who is seeking to balance strength and grace. If you are searching to be more limber and agile, to live with your heart wide open and to infuse more grace, patience and flow into your practice and life, join us.

Be prepared to walk away embodying your yang and yin energies, feeling uplifted, strong, powerful, rejuvenated and at peace!