Yin Master Class

The first step in a two-part master class, in this session we will discover how to balance our yin. This is a time to open your heart, learn to trust your intuition and develop equanimity on and off your mat.

Using meditation, inquiry and asana, we will explore techniques to help increase flexibility, lengthen and tone your body, get still during unsteadiness, and go inward to tap into the passion that drives everything you do.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to be more limber and agile, to live with your heart wide open and to infuse more grace, patience and flow into your practice and life.

Be prepared to walk away embodying your yin energies, feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and at peace.

Saturday, June 30th

4:00pm - 6:00pm

at Yoga One Dilworth


$40 for BOTH Yin & Yang Master Classes!


$25 for Yin Master Class


Yang Master Class

The second step in our two-part master class will allow you to discover and sharpen essential tools needed for a strong and healthy life-long practice. Tap into your strength and get ready to sweat with Luis this July!

Find out MORE about part two and get a DISCOUNT when you sign up for both Yin and Yang Master Classes!


Yoga One Central Studio
1318 Central Avenue D2
Charlotte, NC 28205

Yoga One Dilworth Studio
2230 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

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