The Ultimate Yogi Reset

The Ultimate Yogi Reset is a 21 day program designed to detox and cleanse your body by eliminating certain foods and toxins from your diet and providing you with nutrient dense whole foods and supplements for a total of 3 weeks.


You will essentially be cleaning up your system, relaxing the nervous system and providing antioxidant support for the immune system. During this time you are encouraged to practice yoga 4-5x per week and to meditate as well.

This reset will help you feel invigorated and get you back on track to better health by gently cleansing your entire system!


Join highly driven wellness Beachbody coaches and yoga teachers Karly Kelly and Sarah O’Connor as they lead you to a successful reset. They will offer a detailed workshop on how to get setup for success followed by a one on one daily coaching group to lead you through every step of the way.

Program & Meeting Dates


April 29th - May 19th


How to Set Up for Success:

April 28th, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

at Yoga One Central in Studio C

Celebrate the Results:

May 23rd, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

at Yoga One Central in Studio C


Deposit $124

deposit is paid when signing up

Total Program Price $399*

*Yoga is purchased separately

Monthly Yoga Discounted Rate $95

Enjoy a discount on your yoga monthly yoga package when participating in this program!

**After signing up, you will receive an email from Karly or Sarah with the information on customizing & ordering your supplements and products.**