Shake Your Chakras: Balancing Through Movement

Free your energetic blocks, balance your chakras, and move like no one is watching!

Join Bethany Cargle for a 2-hour workshop that includes a discussion about the 7 chakras (energy centers); poses, movements, mantras, and natural approaches to opening and balancing each Chakra; and awaken Shakti energy. You'll practice a FUN, wild, and free Chakti Yoga-inspired class!


Chakti Yoga incorporates yoga, spiraling, repatterning, HIIT, tribal movements, and other moves that are intentionally created to tap into each Chakra, allowing energy to flow through the body while carrying with it the divine energy of creation, Shakti.


Through the movements in your body and the vibration of the music, you will get out of your head and release stored emotions and experiences that form energetic body blockages. You will leave feeling open, inspired, and connected to your divine body and mind.

Saturday, August 3rd

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Yoga One Dilworth

with Bethany Cargle


Early Bird Special: $25

*through July 18th

Regular Price: $35

*beginning July 19th

Yoga One Members: $25