Race, Bias & Gender: A Community Conversation

December 14, 2019 12pm

If bias and ego keep us from true connection to others, what can we do differently?

Join Yoga One teacher and Charlotte leader, Rebby Kern (Pronouns: They/Them), in a deep-dive conversation about the things we don’t always want to talk about, yet come face to face with every day.

Designed for people ready to step into a world centered on something bigger than themselves, this workshop will level up your listening and your leadership around the social issues that often leave us fearful and disconnected.

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What is racism? How does it manifest in yoga spaces?

How does gender stereotyping impact our perceptions of people?

If bias is learned, is it possible to unlearn negative ideas about communities of people?


Rebby provides an exploration of the ways that bias, race, and gender play an active role in our daily interactions on and off the mat.

This workshop combines the practice and concepts of yoga with leadership tools to push past our own inherited biases and create true human to human connection.

Saturday, December 14th

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Yoga One Central

Studio C

with Rebby Kern


$35 - Early Bird Special

*through Nov. 22nd

$45 - Regular Price

*beginning Nov. 23rd

$25 - Yoga One Members