Party Tricks: A Guide to Inversions

Do you ever go to parties and tell people you do yoga? Do they follow the response with, “Can you do a handstand”? Do you want to show off your handstands and inversions?

Party Tricks is your 90 minute guide to learning the ‘how to’ with Inversions!


Join Shane Lucas as he guides you through 30 minutes of yoga flow and 60 minutes of inversion practice. This first of many workshops will focus on handstands and crow pose.

You'll walk away with tools to help you grow your practice with strength work, balance drills, and discussion.

Whether you are an advanced practitioner or brand new to your inversion practice, this is a workshop for you!

Sunday, June 23rd

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

at Yoga One Dilworth


Early Bird: $30

*through June 8th

Regular Rate: $35

*beginning June 9th

Yoga One Members: $25