March 17, 2018

In the flicker of flame, slow down, draw inwards and connect to your body, mind and heart through the wisdom of ancient text. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the source wisdom and root of the yoga tradition.


February 25, 2018 1pm

Join Ian Grosh for this two hour master class designed to take you deeper into your practice!


February 12, 2018 - March 23, 2018

Change your habits,

Change your life!

Yes, making change is difficult. Lessons and behaviors take time to sink into our subconscious.

Reading a book about how to do yoga and eat well just isn’t going to get you into the shape you want.

40 Days to Personal Revolution is about doing. It’s about doing something for 40 days so that old routines can be confronted, challenged, and ultimately altered.


February 24, 2018 1pm

Are you ready to turn your world upside down in 2018?! Join Rian Harris at Yoga One Dilworth for this Arm Balance and Inversion workshop where you will play, explore and challenge your practice!


Yoga One Central Studio
1318 Central Avenue D2
Charlotte, NC 28205

Yoga One Dilworth Studio
2230 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

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