Kat Anderson

Cohort 14

Teacher Training has been a contribution in my life on several levels. First and foremost connection. The teachers and other kula members create a safe space for the growth and transformation that takes place over the 200+ hours spent together. Without the safety of the environment, I would not have grown or shared nearly as much. It's the foundation of trust that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to come apart and make room for new growth.

Secondly, clearing up communication and standing in true North. I learned how speaking in different ways directly impacts how statements comes across. This is something that impacts every area of our daily lives! By cleaning up my language, I can transform relationships new & old. It has been amazing seeing these things unfold personally & witnessing the other members report it in their lives as well. When I come from my True North, I am non reactive & present with what is happening in front of me.

This leads me to my final and one of the biggest impacts experienced during teacher training. Giving up the lie. Boy, was that a hard one & it is an ongoing process. Once the lie is revealed, it may have many layers like an onion. Dropping the lie frees up space, by letting go of negative stories and programming carried over from a lifetime. I will continue this work on & off the mat. That is the true gift of teacher training.