Ericka Henderson

Cohort 14

My biggest transformation in Teacher Training is the element of connection that I gained both within myself and externally with others. I have truly evolved as an individual, both in my yoga practice and on a spiritual level. During this teacher training, I have seen transformation both physically and mentally. This teacher training has allowed me to get closer to being my authentic, true self. My confidence in speaking, connecting with others, and being a YES has shot through the roof. I can take these skills, use them in so many different life situations, and continue to grow and evolve.

The teacher trainers were impeccable in articulating life skills, relating to the students, and making yoga and the training accessible to everybody (and every body). The trainers came into each training weekend with focus, intention and a mission to be present for each and every student. I appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication that each trainer expressed.

I would highly recommend this YTT program to anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yoga and self. This program was life changing for me and I will never forget the experience and intend to use many of the skills that I learned moving forward. Thank you teacher trainers. You are so awesome for willingly giving so much of yourself, your energy and expertise to us all. So grateful!