Catie Park

Cohort 14

I am walking away from Teacher Training with so much more than I had originally anticipated.

Aside from developing skills around teaching yoga, I learned how to uncover the lies I had been telling myself and took a big step towards seeing myself as I am. I have also begun making peace with the person that I have become due to the lie that I have been telling myself. Feeling inadequate made me do more and achieve more. While it had stressed me and made me feel insecure, it didn’t just produce terrible things – in fact, it also helped me propel and succeed.

Another powerful thing I have learned from teacher training is to “see each and every”. I now know that I am not the only one that’s been living through the lens of the lie I constantly told myself. The shift in my vision & the thirst for transformation that came from this awareness was truly powerful. As I walk away from Teacher Training, I want to be a vessel for others to uncover their lies so that they can begin their journey into power, see their greatness & ultimately contribute their greatness to the society. Together, we can aggregate our individual greatness and create something greater and be a contribution to this world.