Amanda Halliday

Cohort 14

I’m walking away from Teacher Training with a sense of my own personal power.

There were so many things I wanted to change about my life on day one. I wanted to miraculously transform into a person who has the love of an awesome partner, who loves her job, and who is all around kick ass.

What was said to me day one is: you are ready now. There is nothing you need to change.

And every minute from that moment in training has been revealing exactly that.

Did I immediately attract my soulmate? No AND I know now more than ever that I am worthy of it. Each day I uncover a little more of my own beauty and awesomeness. I have a sense of calmness while waiting for that partnership which each day downs out the anxiety and hopeless that was so ever present BT (before training).

I have the same job and I have new possibility in the role. Daniel made a comment on a zoom call that was something like "I'm at place in life where I could be happy doing ANY job." That one comment shook up my entire day to day. Even if it's not my dream job, I can be happy every single day. That is available right now. And shifting that attitude has made an immediate impact. I may find another job or I may not, but I can and am finding joy in what I'm doing and my skill set every single day.

Through my time on the mat and in the training I have found physical and inner strength that I didn't imagine could be in my reality. Seeing that about myself has ignited a curiosity of what wonderful things I will create for myself next.