Teacher Training Cohort 14: Fall 2018

Niche Faulkner

I’m walking away from Teacher Training knowing that I am a gift and that what I have to offer to the yoga community is of great value to those around me.

I’m lit up and ready to take on the world, Teacher Training gave me the confirmation I needed to know that I am on the right path to provide the experience of yoga to underserved communities specifically those who do not have a working knowledge of the practice, feel welcomed in...


Elizabeth Blum

My biggest transformation in Teacher Training is……….

Knowing that everything is just a practice!!! I don't have to be an expert at doing yoga or teaching yoga. Come out and show up, that brings the light. Let be and everything will happen.

Also, I'm way better at receiving hugs. There are so many hugs.


Felicia White

Teacher Training has been a contribution in my life by teaching me not only how to be connected to myself but also how to connect with others fully and authentically as myself. It has shaped and molded me into the woman I am now walking with full on purpose and ready to seize each and every day.

My biggest transformation in Teacher Training is seeing myself grow not only as a teacher but also in life. I am walking away more courageous...


Sarah Cousar

I’m walking away from Teacher Training with a vision that I am capable of anything I set my vision on accomplishing. I have been on an intentional journey of self discovery for the last couple years that has eventually led me to the mat. In January, I bought a year pass to YogaOne and I challenged myself to practice yoga every day for a month. I wanted to get to know this person inside me, the person the world desires to know. It seemed I did...


Ericka Henderson

My biggest transformation in Teacher Training is the element of connection that I gained both within myself and externally with others. I have truly evolved as an individual, both in my yoga practice and on a spiritual level. During this teacher training, I have seen transformation both physically and mentally. This teacher training has allowed me to get closer to being my authentic, true self. My confidence in speaking, connecting with...


Amanda Halliday

I’m walking away from Teacher Training with a sense of my own personal power.

There were so many things I wanted to change about my life on day one. I wanted to miraculously transform into a person who has the love of an awesome partner, who loves her job, and who is all around kick ass.

What was said to me day one is: you are ready now. There is nothing you need to change....


Kat Anderson

Teacher Training has been a contribution in my life on several levels. First and foremost connection. The teachers and other kula members create a safe space for the growth and transformation that takes place over the 200+ hours spent together. Without the safety of the environment, I would not have grown or shared nearly as much. It's the foundation of trust that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to come apart and make room for new...


Beth Erb

I’m lit up and ready to take on the world, Teacher Training gave me the courage and power to start living an authentic life. When I am living and acting from my true self, I feel powerful and seen by those in my community.

When I feel seen, I stand in the possibility of being a contribution and with this new mindset I have started to see my life and relationships transform around me. I came into teacher training looking for answers on...


Ashley Levy

I’m walking away from Teacher Training with a deeper connection to myself and the world. Teacher Training has given me the tools and knowledge to find my inner YES and be my full authentic self.

From learning the significance of each pose to defying the lies and doubts I’ve been telling myself, this journey has been so empowering and transformative in many ways.


Staci Askew West

I’m lit up and ready to take on the world, Teacher Training gave me resources to access pieces of my being I deemed invaluable or nonexistent.

Teacher training at Yoga One, literally connected my spiritual purpose to my physical existence. I now know, the time is now to manifest the life designed for me



I’m walking away from Teacher Training……. with so much weight lifted off my shoulders. Teacher training taught me so much about myself and gave me tools to let go of a lot of habits that were not serving me.

Through the physical practice and thought provoking discussions - I've learned so much about myself and how I can be a contribution to the community I live in. Not only do I feel ready to take the leadership role as a yoga teacher,...


Catie Park

I am walking away from Teacher Training with so much more than I had originally anticipated.

Aside from developing skills around teaching yoga, I learned how to uncover the lies I had been telling myself and took a big step towards seeing myself as I am. I have also begun making peace with the person that I have become due to the lie that I have been telling myself. Feeling inadequate made me do more and achieve more. While it had...


Beverlee Sanders

I’m walking away from Teacher Training……. Strong, ready now, and open to all things and possibilities. Before teacher training, I was unsure of myself and purpose. I also wasn’t the happiest. But through this amazing journey, I was able to dig deep and find and fall in love with myself.

Teacher training has helped me learn the true meaning of freedom, joy and purpose. I thought training would be more physical than anything, but I was so...