DANIEL MCCALL  |  Training Leader

DANIEL MCCALL | Teacher Trainer

Daniel has been developing high impact teachers and leaders since 2006. He is Executive Manager of Yoga One and a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.

He leads powerful yoga and leadership programs around the world and is committed to elevating and uplifting people to be more flexible, adaptable, and open to greater possibility.


JEN FOWLER | Teacher Trainer

Jen has been a part of leading trainings at Yoga One since 2013. She’s the Leader of Teachers and Assistants at Yoga One and a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.

Jen’s a fun, compassionate, authentic leader who loves helping students wake up to their greatness both on and off the mat.


MICHELLE RAMSETH | Teacher Trainer

Michelle has been leading peak performers and people committed to excellence since 1996. She is the Teacher Community Builder at Yoga One and a 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher. She has been a member of the Yoga One Training Team since 2008.

Michelle leads uplifting and challenging yoga classes as well as high-level outdoor adventures, creating opportunities for people to see beyond their limiting beliefs and live a grand life.


WENDI WILLIAMS | Teacher Trainer

Wendi has been a part of the Yoga One Training Team since 2010. She is a Certified Baptiste Teacher and serves as the Financial & Payroll Specialist as well as the Facility Manager for the Yoga One Studios.

Wendi adds an element of power and tenacity to the training team and brings her love of athletics to the classroom.


TAI DORN | Teacher Trainer

Tai has been leading international and national teacher trainings since 2013. With over 2,000 hours of training certification under her belt, Tai draws from her many trainings in Jivamukti, Primal Yoga, Baptiste Yoga, Bhakti and Prenatal Yoga to connect, inspire and create powerful teachers and leaders on and off the mat.

An avid lover of knowledge, martial arts, and yoga Tai brings a blend of Eastern and Western philosophy to the heart of the classroom to enrich, enhance and elevate everyone to their highest potential.


IAN GROSH | Teacher Trainer

Ian has been a part of the Yoga One community since 2008 and began teaching in 2012. Ian joined the Teacher Training Team in 2016 as a member of the inaugural "Kickass Team" of trainers in training.

As a Certified Baptiste Teacher and classically-trained ballet dancer, Ian brings a love of form and line to the practice, as well as physical rigor and artistic self-expression. Holding the space for integrity and authenticity, Ian listens for and calls out the greatness in those around him.



Stephanie is a life-long athlete in gymnastics and running who came to Yoga One in 2010 to stretch tight muscles, improve flexibility, and develop agility. While she found all those things, she also found something beyond the poses and physical practice of yoga.

The methodology of Baptiste yoga led her to become a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher where she teaches powerful, joyous, relatable yoga classes for all levels and also brings yoga into her day job as an elementary school teacher. In following this path, she has become more limber, flexible, and agile in her physical being and in her being as a person off the mat.


HEATHER KOZ | Teacher Trainer

Heather is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and has been part of the Yoga One Teacher Training Team since 2016 and 40 Days Leadership Team since 2017. She shares her passion for life and community as a powerful teacher and business owner in the Charlotte area.

A mother of two incredible teenager girls and advocate for youth, Heather is also a prenatal yoga teacher, and a Lead Trainer of Grounded Kids Yoga, hosting trainings across the South East to expand Yoga to children & families of all ages and abilities.

Inspired by her Yoga One family and Baptiste Methodology, she firmly believes that life is meant to be lived to the very fullest and never misses an opportunity to play and challenge herself and others in personal growth.

She most recently completed her first, but certainly not her last, full marathon and continues to add to her bucket list daily.