Welcome NEW Teachers!

Can you sense the excitement in the air?

Join us in welcoming eight NEW teachers to our weekend class rotation!

You've seen them assisting in class and you've heard their triumphant yells coming from Studio B... now they are bursting out of their comfort zone, ready to SHINE bright as teachers & leaders.

Get to know them on the mat in a 1-hour Power Flow Saturdays & Sundays at Yoga One Central from 1:00pm - 2:00pm!

Check out their bios and roll out your mat to get sweaty with these fantastic up & coming instructors at Yoga One!

Bethany Anderson.jpeg

Bethany Anderson

I am an ever growing, ever evolving free spirit. My yoga journey started as a series of social challenges and has since lead me on a path of consistently challenging and elevating my highest self. Off of the mat I enjoy singing, dancing, skating, climbing trees, reading, drawing, learning and growing with my eight year old son. Yoga is a safe place for me and it is my intention to cultivate an inclusive space for all, with love as the common denominator.

Briley Burris.jpg

Briley Burris

My journey with Yoga One began over 11 years ago and it is the yoga community I consider family and home. My approach to teaching is about holding space for each individual to grow, connect and to integrate mind, body and spirit. This practice has continuously supported me through this life journey and I am over the moon to get to share this practice with my students. I look forward to connecting with YOU among the orange stars in the classroom!

Ashley Culler.JPG

Ashley Culler

Ashley began her journey with yoga as a means of recovery from shattering her foot in a car accident. After moving to Charlotte, she discovered YogaOne and quickly joined the team as an assistant. Eagerly to expand her knowledge she completed teacher training in 2017.

Ashley is devoted to using the transformative power of education to empower people of all backgrounds, and all levels of ability, to use yoga as a means of breaking down the mental barriers that hold us back. She is passionately driven towards being part of a positive paradigm shift in society empowering people to live from stronger presence, heightened self-awareness and heart based living, with a greater command of their own mind.

Niche Faulkner.JPG

Niche Faulkner

I am an African dancing, diversity focused, free-spirited peacock who lives my life on and off my mat by the Xhosa principle of “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”. Simply stated, it is the belief that “a person is a person through persons” and that we are bonded through common humanity and oneness. As a teacher, I am an advocate for yoga as an essential tool in the building of community, personal transformation and self care. It is my intention to be a stand for the underrepresented, especially those who do not fit the traditional standard of yoga including body image, ethnicity and socio-economic status. Outside of the studio you can find me teaching West African dance, spending time with my son, laughing from my gut and living my life unapologetically and free.

Meghan Hadlock Photo.jpg

Meghan Hadlock

I am made of sunshine, sparkles, caffeine and happy thoughts. I evoke the transformational power of yoga through physicality, inquiry, and embracing the beautifully flawed nature of humanity. I seek to touch the lives of others by providing intensifying hands-on assists and authentic connection. When I am not teaching, I am often assisting class or practicing next to you. My purpose on this planet is to embody love, excitement, and overwhelming joy. My purpose as a teacher is to hold space for students to celebrate their uniquely individual bodies and as we reconnect to the wonderful light the exists within each and every one of us.

Felicia Hall.JPG

Felicia Hall

I am kind-hearted, passionate and motivated individual who is passionate about helping others find the beauty of their own self from within. I not only create this space for others but also in my own life through self love practices and self-healing through movement and meditation. I am a lover of everything fitness from weight lifting, cycling, running and love to dabble in some African dance. I bring a sense of life through movement in my life and also in my teaching. When I’m not teaching I enjoy reading and everything earthy, star gazing and simply basking in the beauty of nature. When you see me you’ll know who I am because I am the one with the brightest and biggest smile.

Ericka Henderson Photo.jpg

Ericka Henderson

I am a yogi, an artist, and an adventurer. I approach yoga and life with an exploratory and playful nature, encouraging people to find their edge, step outside of their comfort zone, and into the greatness that already exists within them.

My mission through teaching is to allow the humanity and uniqueness of individuals to shine, fostering connection and community. I aim to create a safe and empowering space for diversity, inclusion and representation in the yoga community for EVERY body.

In addition to yoga, I train as a first degree black belt in Japanese martial arts (with a touch of kung fu and qi gong), with over 11 years of experience. When I'm not upside down, I love to spend time with family and friends, explore the world through travel and photography, and create visual and moving art.


Hannah Richards

I am a student, assistant, and teacher of yoga, and I am lit up by encouraging others to make space for possibility in their lives, to create play in their practice, and to stand in their power. My yoga practice has given me the tools to lead my life from a place of intention, and I feel inspired when I get to share that. When I’m not doing yoga, I love teaching middle school language arts, spending time outdoors, or snuggling up with a book and a good cup of coffee.