Staying Connected: Studio Updates

We are all CONNECTED.

This is your place to stay connected with Yoga One Studios as we navigate our journey through the road ahead.

Our top priority is keeping our clients and staff safe and healthy. We are sourcing our data around the Coronavirus from the CDC, WHO, Yoga Alliance and our local government leaders.

We will be sharing changes to our schedules, including cancellations, as well as all updates from Yoga One leadership as we continue to monitor the outbreak of the coronavirus. Prevention of spreading the virus is the best way we can contribute to leading our community.

Our aim in all that we do is to be proactive in our choices and operate in the present moment.


Dear Yoga One Family,

After carefully assessing the updated coronavirus situation and best practices being recommended right now by health officials, we are choosing to temporarily close our studios for two weeks, beginning Tuesday, March 17th.

You can join our Facebook Group: Yoga One Connected to lean into our community even though we are apart.

We will also be offering online classes at yogaoneonline.com and plan on adding new content soon!

We will miss being with you in the studios, and we are looking forward to creating something brand new with you!

Previous Updates

A message from our founder

“Yoga is skill in action”

-Bhagavad Gita 2:50

Dear Beloved Yoga One Community

Whether you are a long-time student, a part-time student or brand new, the whole of the asana practice of yoga on our mats is to prepare us for life outside the classroom, and for times just like this. The ultimate purpose of all forms of yoga (asana, meditation, etc...) is to cultivate equanimity and effectiveness in our daily lives (tadasana).

Skill in action, as described in the Gita, is about discernment AND action- the consideration of options and choices before us, and the taking of powerful intention and informed action (“vinyasa”- to place in a specific way) with present, non-reactive and clear vision (“drishti”).

Accordingly, “yoga” is that amazing, balanced flow-state of being able to take “right aim,” with “right effort.” In case you didn’t know it, what you’ve been up to all this time on your mat is this: you have been cultivating the power and ability to respond to your life as it unfolds, despite challenge, loss, or pain, with equanimity, love, compassion and joy.

The current coronavirus is like a challenging pose that we seek to escape, face, conquer, ignore, or “manage” in any of a number of strategies. The most dangerous thing any of us can do is panic. The most powerful thing we can do is practice- self-care, connection within and with others (in its many forms), and wisdom from inquiry, the true essence of yoga.

I wish I could be with each of you as we each face what this new environment brings. My practice, as always, is to pause, calm my breath, and ground in what is now. Like taking child’s pose at the start of each class even if I have to practice this a hundred times a day (there are those days!), I do it, so that the decisions I make are the best and most appropriate I can make at any moment.

Know that we are all together in this. When I created Yoga One, I wanted it to be not only a studio, but a community. Together, we are that community.


This, and particularly in moments like this, is why we practice. You are not alone. You have a duty to yourself to be clear, calm and act with that skill in action that you are cultivating, for yourself and for all the other people in your life.

Concerning Yoga One Studios

First, our mutual health and protection is, as always, the priority. This concern also extends beyond to concern for our families, loved ones, neighbors, and the many people in all our lives.

Accordingly, for those who wish to practice in the studios: we will limit the number of students allowed in each class to provide for the recommended personal space guidelines as discussed by the CDC for gyms etc...

Please check our website for class changes and to reserve space.

Please stay home and take care of yourself if you have a sore throat, fever, cough or any contagious symptoms, or if you are at higher risk of having been exposed or are in contact with those who will be more vulnerable should you become infected.

At Yoga One, we have long maintained a deep cleaning practice of the studios. Daniel, Wendi, Jen, Michelle, Lauren, Heather and all our staff have proactively added additional measures to further routine cleaning of all surfaces including blocks, straps and rental mats.

I am so grateful for their caring and diligence. You can assist our collective health and safety by hand washing before and after class, and if you leave the room during class.

According to the CDC and the NIH, the corona virus is a surface transmitted agent and therefore preventable with vigilant hand washing, frequent routine surface cleaning, maintaining personal space around others, and self-quarantine in the event of illness or suspected exposure.

Corona virus spreads through touching inflected surfaces (I.e. where others have coughed openly) or being within inhalation distance from someone who is infected. We mindlessly touch thousands of things and our faces every day. Get used to washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds, frequently wiping down surfaces (your iPhone and “i-anythings”) and stay informed from reputable sources. Follow suggested guidelines.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

We will continually monitor and evaluate what is best for the well-being of the community and keep you up to date. I am incredibly proud of Daniel, Wendi, Jen, Michelle, Lauren, Heather, our studio support team, teachers and front desk and our whole community.

Secondly, we also recommend you practice at home. We will be making video classes available on our Facebook page and through Yoga One Online.

Follow us for updates on more online programming coming soon!

You know more yoga than you realize. And while nothing beats the power of a class to keep you honest and push you, Now is a great time to create or deepen your own home practice, which you should have anyway! Your immune system, body, mind and heart will benefit.

We are considering other ways to facilitate practice in the future: for example, live streaming classes. outdoor classes as weather permits, small reduced rate private classes etc... And as always we welcome your suggestions as we figure out how best to be safe, and still practicing!

Concerning memberships

Some of us will and maybe already are facing financial challenges and choices. For example, I am working to take in an elderly friend for her safety and health at this time. This time of uncertainty is a new “edge” in this pose called life. We are being challenged and stretched. And while I feel membership is the best value out there, please know, that suspending or canceling your membership may be a reality for you and is respected. Know you are still part of the community and we expect to see you back soon. You will be missed! Please do what you need to be responsible and get yourself through this period without anything but love and respect from each of us.

Likewise, if you are fearful of practicing even with our new measures and want to cancel your membership, there is not judgement. Your mental well-being is also important. Reduce your stress: stress reduces your immune response.

I am setting up a Facebook group “ Yoga One Connected ” if you are interested, as we weather this challenge and hope you will stay in touch, share and feel the power of our community. We will get through this together, in spirit if not physically.

Remember: we are always practicing;

just not always on the mat.


Do not abandon your practice! Practice! Use the options available to you.

Do what is best for you. Do not abandon each other. We are connected, even when not together physically. Lift your gaze and help the people around you when you can.

Please request to join our Facebook Group and you will be admitted. Please share your stories, inspiration, ideas, quotes…. Check in with us and those in your life and think about how you and we can safely be of service.

This will pass and we will each grow and be stronger for this challenge. Yoga One will be here during and after this crisis.

Take care of you! God bless you!


Founder and Owner of Yoga One Studios