Fall Schedule Updates

Starting Monday, September 30th we are making some ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES to our schedules!

We are always listening to your feedback, checking out what your favorite classes are and keeping track of when you can make it in so we can give you the best experience from the minute you look at the schedule until after you leave class.

Take a look at our schedule changes and come try out a new class!

beginning Monday, September 30th!




  • 5:30am Tues., Wed., Thurs. = only $8 !!
  • 7:15am Wed. & Fri. = regular price
  • 3:00pm Mon. - Fri. = $8 Long, Slow, Deep, Sweat
  • 4:00pm Mon. - Fri. = regular price

Stay tuned for new 7:15am class options coming soon!