Power Fusion Pop Up

Do you miss Power Fusion classes? Get excited yogis, Wendi Williams is bringing it back for ONE special pop-up power fusion class this March at Yoga One Dilworth!

What is Power Fusion? Take the foundation of the power hour, kick the cardio up a notch, add in weights for sculpting and you have POWER FUSION!

You'll start off class with a cardio-based warm up, focusing on the core and legs.

Next up, it's power poses with low weight resistance, performed in a slow controlled motion.

Class ends with a wind down focusing on hips, forward folds and deep rest.

What makes this practice unique is that it has a combined benefit of yoga and weight training all in one workout!

Wednesday, March 21st

9:30am - 10:30am

at Yoga One Dilworth


Use your Membership or class package to pay for class!

*Students are asked to bring their own 1-5lb. weights. The class can be taken without weights.


Yoga One Central Studio
1318 Central Avenue D2
Charlotte, NC 28205

Yoga One Dilworth Studio
2230 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

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