How To Start A Meditation Practice And Not Freak Out

You’ve been through a tough physical practice. Maybe you’ve even take a short program at Yoga One that has included a guided meditation. But still, there’s this feeling that if you meditated more, or in a better way, that your life could drastically change.

It’s no secret that meditation provides a bounty of benefits. Everyone from celebrities to athletes report improved focus and concentration as well as greater ease in dealing with pain and trauma in life.

What’s the best way to start? The yogi says, “JUST DO IT!” Start your practice and all will come.

Want to get a little more context behind the practice? Check out this roundup of instructional and inspiring articles to help launch your meditation practice with less frustration and a lot more ease!

1. Headspace - App with guided audio and video instruction.

Headspace is a fully featured smartphone app that has guided meditations covering a plethora of topics from the basics to focused meditations on prioritization, enjoying your family, and relationships. The basics are free and if you’re not into using an app, they have a vibrant blog updated regularly with articles to empower your meditation practice.

Their videos explaining what meditation is and how to begin are so helpful we use them in our Teacher Training Program!


2. Baptiste Yoga Meditation on Youtube It’s no surprise that we love meditation led by Baron Baptiste and other Certified Baptiste Teachers. The Baptiste Yoga Youtube channel has meditation recordings that are sourced from weeklong training programs and coincide with programs like 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

You can even stream practices when you’re wanting your yoga on the go!

3. Guided Mindfulness Meditations with Jon Kabat-Zinn Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is already used in over 700 medical centers throughout the world. His work comes from rigorous clinical trials and goes into detail about the mind-body connection. The medical sits alongside his deep passion for poetry and storytelling that makes meditation and mindfulness approachable.

A great place to start is to watch his video Coming To Our Senses, a talk about his book by the same name.

4. Yoga One Check our class schedules for regularly led meditation classes on Saturdays and Sundays as well as frequent meditation pop up classes and workshops

Whether you’re looking for more detailed instruction or apps for accountability, adding meditation to your practice is key to creating a happier, healthier you!


Daniel McCall is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor as well as Lightyear Leadership Certified. He leads trainings and programs at Yoga One and abroad. You can discover Daniel and his classes here.

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