Are you interested in a personal revolution? Do you want to take your yoga practice to the next level? We’ve got the perfect program for you!


Are you expecting a new little bundle of joy? We've got a new addition to our schedule just for YOU!


Did you like Wendi's special workout yoga series? Well, get excited, Power Fusion is coming back EVERY Wednesday in February!


Bring your KIDS to their very own yoga class every week! Drop your kids off in their very own class while you hop into your own $5 Happy Hour Power Beats every Friday!

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Sage Patanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras (a guide to achieving the state of yoga) began his very first Sutra with Atha Yoga Anushasanam. Translated to be Now (atha) Begins Yoga (the union of body, mind and spirit).


We spend so much of our lives focused on the most powerful way to live but we rarely focus on the inevitable: death. The fear of death, abhinivesha, drives many of our actions and reactions but if we practice death (savasana) from a place of ease, acceptance and grace we lose the fear and are truly shown a way to live: couragously, fearlessly and free.


You’ve been through a tough physical practice. Maybe you’ve even take a short program at Yoga One that has included a guided meditation. But still, there’s this feeling that if you meditated more, or in a better way, that your life could drastically change.

It’s no secret that meditation provides a bounty of benefits. Everyone from celebrities to athletes report improved focus and concentration as well as greater ease in dealing with pain and trauma in life.

What’s the best way to start? The yogi says, “JUST DO IT!” Start your practice and all will come.


Thank you for choosing Yoga One as your favorite yoga studio in Creative Loafing's 2017 Best of Charlotte issue!


Can you sense the excitement in the air?

Yoga One is welcoming SIX new teachers to our schedule! You've seen them assisting in class and you've heard their triumphant yells coming from Studio they are bursting out of their comfort zone, ready to SHINE bright as teachers & leaders.

So roll out your mat and get sweaty with these six up & coming instructors at Yoga One!


You've spoken and we've listened! With Yoga One Dilworth open & running classes in full swing for a couple of months, we're looking forward to evolving our schedule to match your feedback.

Starting Sunday, October 1st, Kevin Cross's 2pm class at Yoga One Dilworth is becoming an $8 Power Fundamentals Class!

Grab a friend, relative, work proximity associate, or stranger on the street and hop into this class for ALL yogis. Hand out our New to Yoga Guide if they're new to the Yoga One fun.

See you on the mat!


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