Tori Becker Yoga One Kids

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Training(s): Grounded Kids Teacher Training and Baptiste Art of Assisting

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

My journey with Yoga One began back in May of 2013. I showed up ready for something new, and I had no idea what was waiting for me! I did my Assistant Training in November of 2013, shortly after I joined the Yoga one community, and it grew my practice and me as a person more than I could have ever believed! I have always had a passion for working with children, I’ve worked with kids since I was in high school and have been a kindergarten teacher since 2011. I knew I wanted to do something linked between Yoga and kids… So I started forming an idea of a kids yoga summer camp. I have notes about it in my journal from 2014! I finally decided to take a leap and I spoke with some of my friends at Yoga1 and we started it up back in the summer of 2016! I then took my love for Yoga and kids to the next level and did the Grounded Kids Yoga teacher training in January 2017.

Since then I have been a part of the yoga1 kids teaching team on Fridays, and have been a part of their summer camp program for four years now! I have also begun an afterschool kids yoga club on my own which has already grown to double the size in the past two years!

So many of the possibilities that I dreamt about have come true, because of my yoga practice, and believing in myself! I love how since I’ve started practicing yoga I love to look people in the eye, enjoy being in the present moment, and relish and the beauty of everyone’s differences and uniqueness!

I am ready for anything!

Personal motto/ words I live by: No Regrets!

Any pets?: My dog, Norah

Favorite treat: Latte, latte, latte! :)

Favorite destination: The Beach or the mountains...anywhere relaxing.

"Don't worry, be happy."