Luis Washington Rodriguez Bayon

Hometown: Camajuani, Cuba / Winston Salem, NC

Training(s): Yoga One 200 Hr.

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

My story with Yoga One began in 2014, one year post college graduation. I started practicing regularly at Y1 Central and Y1 University during the Summer Challenge that year, “Good Vibrations”. I practiced 30 times in 60 days and had never felt so good before in my life. Yoga, Y1, and the Baptiste Methodology introduced me to concepts, principles, and sensations I’d never felt before. I have kept my practice up and as priority since. In 2015, I started working the Front Desk at Y1 to get free yoga as a perk.

The community was one unlike I’d ever witnessed. The people were beaming (when they weren’t crying lol), authentic, and loving. The following year I did Y1TT (200 HR), and a few months later, dove into teaching. I have taught a lot, and at many different spaces/studios, and my Baptiste/Y1 training has allowed me to enter each space with confidence as a teacher and human being! This practice continues to give me many gifts, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and worldly.

The biggest has been an awakening to the notion that through awareness and mindfulness, there is FREEDOM. While I am free and in flow, I have access to transformation. I can be ANY THING or ANY ONE, while being simply myself and one with the universe. This connection is why I practice!

Specifically, this is why I practice, teach, and live from the Baptiste Methodology. The Methodology digs way deeper into life than just physical Asana. It is a way for me to access endless growth in all facets of my life.

I am JOY!

Personal motto/ words I live by: I practice and teach Yoga as a means to live life freely.

Any pets?: Tucker aka T-bone, the Yorkshire Terrier

Favorite treat: Ice cream n cake!

Favorite destination: Tropical Beaches with clear, warm water. Or anywhere with amazing music I can dance to.

Nothing is wasted.