Liz Smolin

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Training(s): Yoga One Teacher Training (2007/2008 - Cohort #1!), Certified Baptiste Teacher (Levels 1, 2, & 3, Foundations in Action, Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Global Teacher Summit, and several one day trainings and workshops).

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

My journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga began in 2007. I started practicing in 2004 as a complement to my daily running. Now I run once or twice a week as a complement to my daily yoga practice. My first class at Yoga One was with our founder and visionary, Sally Gambrell. I was hooked! The community I found at Yoga One is among the most welcoming, inclusive and resilient of which I have been privileged to be a member.

As I began attending Baptiste training programs, beginning with a day long immersion that I assisted right here in Charlotte in 2008, I discovered the inspiration for Yoga One’s unique culture. The focus on meditation and inquiry along with asana practice in Baptiste yoga creates the possibility for a healthy mind and body. The overall philosophy also aligns well with my spiritual practice and beliefs.

There can be a swirl of events around me, and each time I enter the doors at yoga One, I feel peace. I feel seen and heard. From this safe space, that feels like a sanctuary, I am delighted to teach exactly as I am each day. My most meaningful relationships are all connected in some way to my commitment to yoga, Yoga One, and Baptiste Yoga.

Truly, the greatest relationship I have is with my son, Shane, and I could not be more grateful for him. This practice has enhanced the way I parent and how I’ve chosen to co-parent with Shane’s father. We have created a unique and lovely family.

When not spending time with Shane (many times at a hockey rink) or at the studio, I choose to explore Plaza Midwood and the surrounding areas (mostly on foot). I also travel whenever possible. It seems my favorite topic of conversation no matter where I am though, is the benefits of a yoga practice.

I am peace.

Personal motto/ words I live by: Come from love. Be forgiving. Focus on what is working.

Any pets?: My son, Shane, is my only dependent. Haha

Favorite treat: Sandwiches, and local restaurant meals.

Favorite destination: My apartment, and any big city.

Be here now. Practice gratitude and kindness, always.