Lauren Alexander

Hometown: Born in Durham, NC & I call New Bern, NC home

Training(s): 200 hr Yoga One Training 2016 & 2019

100 hr Baron Baptiste Level One

Baron Baptiste Being of Power 2016

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

I found Yoga One when I moved to Charlotte in 2012. My younger brother had just passed away three months earlier and I was lost, lonely, and depressed. I didn’t have a job at the time and I was looking for a reason to get out of bed everyday...even if just for an hour. I had shopped around first month specials at most of the yoga studios in Charlotte and when I stepped into Yoga One I immediately knew it was safe and special place.

I remember my first class well, I remember where I was in the room, the sweat, the physicality, and the amazing lavender eye towel ( Am I Right?!) I was hooked and I purchased the first month special. From there I became a monthly member… I nickel & dimed to afford yoga & I am fairly certain I overdrafted my account several times. Fast forward to 2015 when I quit my job and applied to work at the front desk. I have worked at the front desk since the day I was hired, was promoted to Front Desk Lead and then again to Front Desk Manager. I am proud and grateful to lead a powerful Front Desk team and to be part of the Yoga One community. I began my teaching journey in 2016 with my first 200 hr training at Y1.

It wasn’t until I attended Level One training in New York in August 2018 that I felt called to teach. I returned from the training and jumped straight into teaching and have loved every minute of it. I recently participated in my second teacher training at Y1, I love being in the work of transformation...I actually might be slightly addicted to trainings & transformation.

Transformation & Growth is work, it can be uncomfortable for me to be in the work and it is worth it! I love this practice and this community. Yoga One is my home, the community is my family, and the practice works! Yoga One Works!!!


Personal motto/ words I live by: Begin Again…. AND AGAIN!

Fail fast, fail hard, fail often.

Awaken. Inspire. Empower. Sweat.

Any pets?: Pippa Alexander- my cuddly & rambunctious 1 yr old golden/husky mix… and one of the loves of my life!

Favorite treat: Great coffee, Red wine & Sunflour cinnamon rolls

Favorite destination: Lake Tahoe, CA

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” -Brene Brown