Kevin Headshot.jpg

Kevin Cross

Hometown: Corfe Castle

Training(s): Yoga One 22 hour Teacher Assistant Training 2012

Yoga One 200 hour Teacher Training Winter 2013

Baptiste Art of Assisting 2012

Baptiste Advanced Art of Assisting 2014

Baptiste Level One 2015

Baptiste Level Two October 2015

When I'm not at the studio, you can find me: Working with clients in my boutique salon, and/or spending time with my own rescue dogs, or working with dog rescue groups or working on my house.

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

My first yoga class was one-on-one in 2008. I was overweight, out-of-shape, depressed, and had some serious addiction issues to food. From that first class, I knew I’d stumbled on something different, but I had no idea how profound this journey would become. I’m continually amazed by how a rubber mat and an open mind can do so much. Through the unconditional support and guidance of fellow students, teachers and the yoga community, I’ve broken through mental and emotional boundaries and transformed my physical body.

On September 11, 2013, I had a near-fatal heart attack and spent two nights in ICU, Within hours of being released, I was back at Yoga One to practice. Yoga has taught me that failures and setbacks are part of the adventure to living a full life, and to truly grow takes courage no matter what age. To succeed we need the courage to get back up.

The practice, teaching and assisting of yoga is a beneficial factor in the quality of communication I have in all areas of my life. I am delighted to be working in this field of growth and expression with such a wonderful family of students, assistants, and teachers. I am committed to reciprocating the gifts I’ve received by sharing and leading others in their own journey.

I am enough.

Personal motto/ words I live by: I can, I shall, and I will.

Any pets?: Yes, six rescued dogs

Favorite treat: Too many to list

Favorite destination: Isle of Purbeck

Favorite movies: Every Harry Potter, Mary Poppins (original and MP Returns), Steel Magnolias, Tea with Mussolini.

Favorite actors: Shirley MacLaine, Ben Whisant, David Tennant.

Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

Go within, and you’ll never go without.