Julie Rauschenplat

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Training(s): Prenatal Training with Amani Murray, 2015

Assistant Training, Yoga One University, 2016

200 hour Teacher Training, Yoga One, 2017 (Yoga Alliance RYT)

Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher Training, 2017

85 hour Prenatal Teacher Training, Prenatal Yoga Center, 2018 (RPYT)

Y12SR Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, Charlotte, 2019

Spinning Babies Workshop, Greensboro, 2019

Spinning Babies Parent Educator Seminar, Seattle, 2019

When I'm not at the studio, you can find me: In a training somewhere! I love to learn and grow my knowledge base about birth, bellies, babies & the pelvic floor.

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

I signed up for Assistant Training with Yoga One in 2016 before ever practicing there, without even knowing the Journey into Power Flow. That weekend of long, hot practices and deep exploration into self broke me. The rigor of the practice AND community was something I’d never before experienced. It’s what I’d longed for in my life and what I needed at that exact moment. I made Yoga One my yoga home and jumped into a 40 Days to Personal Revolution challenge.

Practicing & meditating daily began to change my life and my relationship with others almost immediately. I began to observe myself in my relationships and uncover my patterns and story. I didn’t love what I was seeing in myself and I wanted a new way of being in relationship that included accountability and authenticity. I signed up for Teacher Training specifically for the transformation I knew it would bring AND, I was terrified to walk into that fire. I learned that by giving up what I must, I make room for endless possibility OR I fill the space with the same old junk. I made the decision to stand in my True North and create possibility.

Teaching prenatal yoga at Yoga One is what was possible! Creating community and connection with others who are willing to see and be seen is what was possible! Being in relationship with others and showing up as my authentic self is what was possible!

I am powerful!

Personal motto/ words I live by: Fair is not equal, equity over equality

Any pets? Jesse Pinkman the boxer and Astro the super Pit

Favorite treat: Coffee, Coffee, and…..Coffee

Favorite destination: San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Las Mujeres con la dignidad Rebelde (the women with dignity rebel)