Jen Fowler

Hometown: Frankfort, KY

Training(s): I’m a Certified Baptiste Teacher and a EYRT.

Yoga One 200 Hour TT, Baptiste Level I, II, III, Baptiste Art of Assisting, Baptiste Advanced Art of Assisting, Prenatal Yoga Certification

When I'm not at the studio, you can find me: When I’m not at the studio I’m with my family. I support my hubby and my kids in their passions -- mostly all related to soccer. It’s not cliche to say I’m a soccer mom, although I’m still trying to learn what in the heck “offside” means. I get joy watching my kids play.

If it’s a free weekend off the soccer fields I’m probably taking a bath, reading, cooking or connecting with friends.

My journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

I took my first class at Yoga One in 2009 about a year after having my first child. My oldest son was at his first week of “wee” school (he was barely 1) and I was ready for a break. I was in a fog of new motherhood, unconnected to my body, anxious and overwhelmed. My husband gently (ok shoved me) out the door to yoga. I’m grateful he knew what I needed even when I didn’t.

I took class and sweat my ass off. I called my husband to share my near death experience. He assumed I had hated it, being a person who doesn’t generally enjoy sweating my ass off. I loved it.

I’ve been loving it since that day in 2008. What got me that day on my mat was my connection to my body and the personal power I felt when I left that room. I had the courage and confidence to rediscover me. My mat was a place for me, a time away from kids.


Any pets?: Hazel the Aussiedoodle

Favorite treat: A middle of the day bath, a charcuterie board, devouring a book in an afternoon, lemon bars, pizza, a glass of red wine on a fall night, dark chocolate, prosecco and a quiet evening at home.

Favorite destination: Anywhere in Europe

"You matter."