Ian Grosh

Hometown: Greencastle, Pennsylvania


  • Yoga One 200 Hour Training

  • Yoga One Assistant Training

  • Baptiste Level One Training

  • Baptiste Level Two Training

  • Baptiste Art Of Assisting

  • Jason Crandell: Injury Prevention in Vinyasa Yoga

  • Tier One Baptiste Certified Teacher

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

My yoga journey began descending the stairs to the original Yoga One studio, feeling as if I had stumbled upon a secret society of cool, happy, interesting people. I was a professional ballet dancer coming to the practice as a mode of self physical therapy, a way of bringing my body back to neutral from the rigors of classical ballet.

I immediately connected to the physical intensity as well as the organic progression and intelligent sequencing of the Baptiste practice. The absence of mirrors gave me freedom from self-critique and access to discovery of new connections in my physical form through sensation.

One of my first revelatory experiences arrived in half pigeon - Sally’s voice interrupted that of my inner perfectionist, busy micro-managing my alignment, “how you do one thing is how you do all things.” In the ballet world, I had learned to yearn for a perfection that was always out of reach, constantly striving from a place of not good enough. In the yoga world, I was learning the power of now, the innate perfection in every moment, right at my fingertips. Neither one better or worse; only two halves of the same whole. I began noticing my world opening up and my outlook shifting in small and profound ways. I looked people in the eye. I sought perfection to celebrate rather than imperfection to judge. Charlotte began to feel like home to me.

When unexpectedly my ballet contract wasn’t renewed, I found myself at a crossroads. After more than a decade of full-time professional dancing, I found myself questioning whether I still wanted to do it. I was uninspired. I had lost my passion. But, if I’m not a dancer, who am I? And what do I do? After a great deal of soul-searching, I came to the simple conclusion that I loved being at Yoga One, and resolved to apply for a front desk position. The day I started working at the front desk, I dove right into Assistant Training and Teacher Training followed soon thereafter. I immersed myself in the culture of Yoga One and found myself at the studio all the time - working, practicing, hanging out… I showed up ready and Yoga One proved to be a fertile space for growth. From my position at the front desk, I took on authorship of the Yoga One Newsletter and connected to the voice of Yoga One. I taught myself graphic design by putzing around in Photoshop to create posters for the studio’s events and workshops, artistic work I am very proud of. I became one of the studio managers, heading up the studio’s design and marketing. Yoga One’s company culture is one of creativity, collaboration, personal development, and FUN, which made being a part of the leadership team a dream job.

Through the encouragement of my teachers and fellow leaders at Yoga One, I began teaching in 2012. I had no idea the passion, love, and purpose I would discover therein. I continued to dance professionally for seven years, though in a more concentrated timeframe, traveling several months out of the year and returning to my homebase in Charlotte.

As my love for teaching grew, I gave up administrative work at the studio and since retiring from the ballet world, I now teach full-time. I am a leader on the Teacher Training Team and I adore creating new leaders in the world. My friend Alyce and I lead annual retreats in Costa Rica combining yoga, service, and adventure.

My yoga practice has given me access to connecting with others openheartedly and sharing myself authentically.

I am a powerful and vibrant force of good in the world and I seek to illuminate and celebrate the light of all those whose paths I cross.

Any pets?: Merlin & Willow, my siamese duo

Favorite treat: a perfectly-balanced, spirit-forward cocktail with bourbon or mezcal

“yes is a world

& in this world of

yes live

(skilfully curled)

all worlds”

-E. E. Cummings