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Bitsy Spencer-LaFayette

Hometown: Stuttgart, AR

Baptiste Trainings: All Day Immersion, May 2018, Y1 CLT

All Day Immersion, March 2013, Charleston SC

Level 1: August 2012, Phoenicia NY

AoA: December 2015, Y1 CLT

Level 2: Oct 2015, Sedona AZ

Certified Teachers Summit: Oct 2017, Park City UT

My Journey with Yoga One and Baptiste Yoga

I teach because I love to learn. I teach because there are things that I wish a teacher would’ve told me when I was beginning this journey. I teach because I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, and want to help others avoid injury-by-1000-papercuts. I teach because I love people, and these beautifully quirky machines we get to live in and call Home. I teach because I’m grateful for so many previous teachers & lessons, and I want to share that generous light with others. I teach because I see things you might miss, AND you see things I might miss, and when we share those we elevate us both. I teach because I am fierce mama love and I love the shit out of you. I teach because we’re all connected.

How I got here is that while I sorta found yoga in the early 90’s, it didn’t quite “stick” until around 2003. When I moved to Charlotte in 2005 I stumbled upon the incredibly diverse community here in town, which led me to Yoga One. This community supported me when I was putting in 12-14 hour days in the corporate world, supported me when I left that behind in 2013 after 20 years, and supported me when I was an unexpected “advanced maternal age” mama-to-be with everything that that brings. And this community continues to support me now that I’m juggling the many parts of my life that I continue to reinvent, all because I have access to new ways of seeing possibility all around from tiny changes that add up, and for that I am forever grateful.

Like with almost everything that piques my interest, eventually I want to know more, so I completed my initial 200 hour Baptiste based training in 2011 with YogaOne (shout out to the O.G. kulas from the basement days at 1111! woot!), and I became a Baptiste Certified Teacher in 2017. I also dive deep into the lineage from the Himalayan Institute & ParaYoga, I became certified in Prenatal yoga, plus I created the original StandUp Paddleboard (SUP) yoga program at the US National Whitewater Center in 2013.

My favorite class to teach right now at YogaOne is Fundamentals. Tiny tweaks can absolutely make huge impacts, and for me this is an ideal place to access those. There might be people who have been doing yoga for 5 seconds right next to people who have practiced for decades, and together we find those tiny tweaks to create possibilities for ease, power, and long-term supported health in a whole new way. Misconception alert: Fundamentals doesn’t mean it’s easier! And yes, no matter how long you’ve been doing yoga or not, you CAN do it, just show up. Too, I’ve learned to be grateful for all the quirks my body seems to have in store, and I’ve become the defacto “modification queen” for yogis on the mend. (Seriously, just come ask me.)

In short, yoga keeps me coming back to the AND: like where the science AND the woowoo meet. Strong AND Soft. Big body movements AND subtle finer bits. I find that Baptiste and ParaYoga compliment both aspects. Once I started looking for the And in places instead of looking for Or… whoa. The science is real, and the indescribable things that come from doing the practice become the real elixir. My goal in a class is to guide you to move your body in a way that brings you just a bit closer to finding your own taste of that. Come find your AND.

Other misc things I’ve chosen to fill my life with here besides yoga are fierce-mama-mothering my friends and their kids, wrangling finances for some kickass architects, hosting & creating experiences for our airbnb guests, sustaining the family peace with our co-owned rice/soybean/wheat farm back home, doing stained glass windows, urban sketching, reading non-fiction, and of course chasing my delicious kiddo and mutt.

I am Fierce Mama Love. And I’m curious. Oh so very curious.

Any pets?: One delightfully worthless wee mutt that looks eerily like a fruit bat, named Ginny Bia Pigwidgeon, aka G-dawg.

Favorite treat: I’m a sucker for almost anything salty/crunchy.

Favorite destination: Generally anywhere.

Tiny changes can make big impacts.

Think AND, not Or.