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Ashley Culler

The inspiration for me to practice yoga is connection to a community and the promise to reveal then expand my growth edge.

My mat has propelled me into a sacred journey of self-inquiry and offers the space to continue to recalibrate to my True North as many time as it takes. Again and again.

It’s a reflection point for me, a mirror for myself to see how I am showing up. Am I pushing myself so hard I forget ujjayi breath? Is my mind racing causing me to wobble? There is no faking it until you make it on your mat. Yoga helps reveal what is going on with me. It strips me down and reflects how I am showing up and realigns me to the person I am asking myself to be.

I have experienced the power of the Baptiste style. Through teaching I am up to sharing my experiences to inspire and empower other to step into their true identity. To be a yes for transformation in my life feels freeing. It’s the ability to be easeful in the unknown. It generates a childlike joy and a curiosity to explore culminating in effortless joy.

I am devoted to empowering people of all backgrounds, and all levels of ability to use yoga to break down the mental barriers. I am passionate for creating a positive shift in society and a capacity in all participants to live in stronger presence, heightened self-awareness and heart based living, with a greater command of their own mind.

I am devoted. I am passionate