Our Awesome Classes

Our classes are designed for yogis of ALL levels. We offer over 120 classes every week between TWO locations: power flow, power beats, power fusion, slow flow, slow flow beats, meditation classes, prenatal, mommy & mini classes, monthly workshops, teacher trainings, and a tribe of people up to big things in life.

Power Beats

This All Levels Power Vinyasa Class is set up to awaken, inspire and empower you to sweat and have fun! Power Beats Classes have music played throughout the class to get your body moving and your blood pumping! Class is heated to 95+ degrees. All levels are welcome, first-timers and seasoned yogis alike! Express Classes move at a quicker pace and are 45 minutes long. $5 Happy Hour is your Power Beats class at a discounted rate!

$5 Happy Hour Power Beats

Power Beats Express

Power Flow

This All Levels Power Vinyasa Class is set up to awaken, inspire and empower you to sweat and have fun! Class is heated to 95+ degrees. All levels are welcome, first-timers and seasoned yogis alike! Power Express Classes are a quicker paced power experience in 45 minutes and your $8 Power Hour is power at a discounted rate!

Power Flow

$8 Power Flow

Power Express

Power Fundamentals

Power Fundamentals is a great class for beginners as well as advanced practitioners looking to go deeper into the fundamentals of the Baptiste Journey Into Power Flow. This class will focus on alignment, breath, drishti, bandhas and putting all those tools together to bring your practice into a seamless flow.

Power Fundamentals

Power Fusion

This class begins with a cardio based warm up, focusing on core and legs. Next, you'll move through power poses with low weight resistance performed in a controlled motion. Class ends with a wind down focusing on hips, forward folds and deep rest. This unique practice has the combined benefits of yoga and weight training all in one class!

Power Fusion

Slow Flow

Take time to slow down, unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. In Slow Flow you’ll move through a slower paced vinyasa flow class and have a chance to connect, align and recharge your body, mind and soul. This class is heated to 85+ degrees. All levels are welcome, first-timers and seasoned yogis alike! Slow Flow Beats is accompanied by chill music and mood lighting for evening classes.

Slow Flow Beats

Deep Stretch

A Deep Stretch practice is a powerful reminder of your innate ability to be at ease in your body. Experience dropping resistance in your life, melting away tension in your body, walk away from class with a fresh perspective on your physical, mental and spiritual alignment. In a Deep Stretch class you will experience a mindfulness in holding postures that target tightness in your body and tension in your mind. It is a refreshing way to enhance your flexibility and create a well-rounded daily practice. The class is heated 90-100 degrees.

Your Deep Stretch class is a great way to explore using props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets to support your practice and access the nooks and crannies of your body. The effect is that you leave class feeling more open, more content, and more possibility in your whole being.


Guided, seated meditation for 15 minutes. Your teacher will walk you through a simple seated meditation, grounding you in your body and getting you out of your mind. First timers and seasoned meditators welcome.


Prenatal Yoga

You have a bun in the oven, but the oven ain't on! These 75-minute vinyasa classes are designed specifically for and limited to women and partners of expectant mothers. Learn modifications in a comfortably warm room that will help you ease through your pregnancy!


Kids Yoga

Through practice, meditation and play, kids will discover empowerment within themselves and of others. Kids' yoga is here to shine the brilliant lights of our youth into a powerful practice!

Learn more about Kids Yoga and find out what other programs we have for Yoga One Kids!


Mommy & Mini

Practice with your baby! Moms, bring your minis ages 0-12 months to this warm 60-minute Power Flow. It is specifically designed to empower, strengthen and build connection between you and your baby.


Kids Yoga Summer Camp


  • Wake up to who YOU are! Your Life, your Love, and your Community.
  • June 17th - 20th
  • with Alyce & Tori


  • Turn into the Pro you are! You will discover what it means to be the "Pro" of your dreams, community and life.
  • July 15th - 18th
  • with Luis & Alyce


  • Be the Super Hero of your dreams, community, family and daily life.
  • August 5th - 8th
  • with Tori & Luis

2019 Summer Camp details coming SOON!!