A simple practice. A lifetime of mastery.

From the very beginning of Yoga One, we've been into loving on the world.

Our mission is to AWAKEN, INSPIRE, EMPOWER, & SWEAT, and we do it all in the name of love!


For over 10 years, Yoga One has been partnering with the community to raise money, raise awareness, and raise our ability to contribute to a better world.

We believe in giving back as a business principle. We not only help raise money but create space for everyone to be a contribution.


Our Karma Yoga classes and special events have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local organizations as well as programs creating a global impact.


Our teachers create and maintain outreach classes for groups in need of the healing and empowering benefits of yoga.


We also partner with local organizations to create special events where everyone can participate in loving one another.

SEVA: Service In Action

It's more than just a yoga practice. We believe in living yoga in the trenches.

We take yoga into the world and into our families.

There are awesome opportunities to participate in local marathons with a Yoga One team, travel to Kenya with the Africa Yoga Project,

Karma Yoga Partners

We've partnered with these amazing organizations.

If you are looking for opportunities to grow your love and contribution they are great places to invest your time and energy.

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Yoga One Central Studio
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Charlotte, NC 28205

Yoga One Dilworth Studio
2230 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

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