Lightyear Leadership: Level One

Set Goals. Dissolve Roadblocks. Create Success.

The What:

Create a clear vision for your life, understand what you are meant to be up to in your lifetime, and author short-term and long-term goals to support you in achieving that vision.

Create a future rooted in choice, unconstrained by your past or your current circumstances.

Discover and easily dissolve roadblocks by creating a toolkit to visualize and choose a future, make powerful decisions, and reset yourself from failures and setbacks.

Lead yourself, your organization, and your community into a new, better, and more fun future.

The How

  • Before each of the four sessions watch a short video introducing Lightyear Principles.

  • Then join a 120 - minute video call alongside a community of like-minded goal-oriented individuals, facilitated by Certified Lightyear Leader Daniel McCall.

  • Once the live session is complete there will be approximately two hours of homework to complete before the next session.

  • There is also a Facebook group and podcast series to support your work during and beyond this workshop.


The Investment

*Maximum Ten participants to ensure a high quality, high touch experience.*

Full price: $300

Early Bird: $250

Wednesdays: 6:00 - 8:00pm


OCT 18


NOV 15

Yoga One Central Studio
1318 Central Avenue D2
Charlotte, NC 28205

Yoga One Dilworth Studio
2230 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

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