Yoga One Take 10 Challenge

Level up your life with Yoga One’s Take 10 Challenge. The goal is simple. Take ten Yoga One classes in 30 days and watch your body, mind, and life transform. This is more than a physical fitness program. Yoga One classes are designed to strengthen and tone your body as well as your mind. Feel better, work better, and take on your life with power. It’s like a workout for your whole life.
It’s easy to fit the challenge into your schedule. Sign up for your first 31 days at Yoga One for just $31. Then take at least 10 classes before your package expires. The best results come from consistency, so we recommend at least two classes a week spaced out over your first month. The great thing about your pass is that you can come as often as you’d like! Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we’ve got a class that fits your life.
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