Yoga One Prices & Packages

  • Walk-In - $18
  • 10 Class Pass - $150
  • First Month Special - $31
  • One Month Unlimited - $135
  • Monthly Membership - $92
  • One Year Unlimited - $1200
    • Yearly Unlimited Clients receive $120 instant account credit with purchase of the package

We offer $5 classes every day!
Pay per class, or buy them in bulk!

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You can also earn FREE classes for helping out before and after class.
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Exceptional Deals

$31 First Month Special

First class not enough?  We're here to share the yoga!  New clients can purchase a full MONTH of Unlimited Yoga for $31.  That's just a dollar a day for 31 consecutive days.  And that's during ANY month in the year - even February!

This package is a great way for you to try out different teachers, different class times, or just see how many classes you can take in one day!

Monthly Membership - Save 30%


Less is more.  Pay less for more yoga!


Our Monthly Membership is unlimited yoga, charged monthly to a credit or debit card.  That means, no more waiting around to pay for classes and no more worrying about when your package expires.  With a Monthly Membership, you choose what date to pay each month and we take care of the rest.  Plus, you get the bonus savings of over 30% off the regular month unlimited pricing!  All-you-can-OM for just $92 a month...EXCEPTIONAL!


PLUS, being on a Monthly Membership gets you special perks!  You'll get one FREE class each month, discounts on workshops and some free workshops throughout the year! Get all the details and sign up now!




In-Class Assistant

Here at Yoga One, we're all about hands-on love. Many of our classes feature assistants who provide support & accountability, and encourage growth & awareness in your practice.  Assistants are there to serve you in your practice, whether it's fetching you a block in balancing half-moon pose, or taking your chair pose deeper than it's ever been!


Another way we can serve you is with a Private In-Class Assistant who works one-on-one with you and only you throughout an entire class!  You choose the teacher or assistant you want and decide what class you want to take, and we take care of the rest, (expect a reminder email prior to the date of your one-on-one).  Growth is the most important thing there is, and having a Private In-Class Assistant is like sprinkling Miracle Grow on your practice!  Get the inside scoop here!

Pricing for In-Class Assistant Private Session:

  • One Class (45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes) - One Assistant - One Student - $35   

To schedule and appointment with your own personal yoga assistant, give us a ring at either Yoga One location:

  • Y1 Central:  704.332.9911
  • Y1 University:  980.237.0489


Private Instruction


Get personal attention and fine-tune your practice with a private yoga lesson! Together, you and a teacher work together to tailor a session targeting your individual needs or gals so you get what you need most from your practice. Pick your favorite teacher, or we'll be happy to pair you with one.


Another great option: share the love and set up a Group Session! Treat your hubby or girfriend to a personalized yoga experience, or grab some friends and make it a private party!


Pricing for Private Session:

  • 1 hour 15 min Private Session - 1 to 6 yogis - $75.00
  • 1 hour 15 min Private Session - 7 or more yogis - $100.00


To make an appointment with a Yoga One Instructor, give us a ring!  704.332.9911


More Bang for your Buck!


Breakdown of Class Packages:

  • 10 Class Pass:
    • $15 per class
  • One Month Unlimited:
    • $33.75 per week  OR
    • $4.50 per class
      • (if you practice 30 times)
  • Monthly Membership:
    • $23 per week  OR
    • $3 per class
      • (if you practice once a day)
  • Yearly Unlimited:
    • $100.00 per month  OR
    • $23.08 a week  OR
    • $3.29 per class
      • (one class every day)
    • PLUS you get $120 account credit instantly applied to your account!

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