Stephanie Lockhart

I began practicing yoga regularly on my 37th birthday.  I had dabbled here and there over the years, but yoga was never my “go to” form of exercise.  I was hesitant to commit to a class because I wasn’t willing to be still for 60-90 minutes.


After a few running injuries and talks with friends who had begun practicing yoga, I decided to give it a try.  I knew I needed to keep limber if I wanted to stay active running and cycling.


I’m not sure what was different this time - the style of yoga or where I was in my life, but I was immediately hooked.  I loved the heat, the beauty of the flow, the connection I felt in the room with other yogis and with myself.  I couldn’t wait to go back, and I didn’t- I went again the next day and as many days as I could thereafter.


My practice was first based on the physical aspects, but it wasn’t long before I realized the spiritual and emotional aspects were equally profound.  The process of self-discovery is life changing.  I love the idea of taking what I learn on the mat to my everyday life.



It has helped me build meaningful relationships, and realize

there are no limits to what is possible!



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