Rosa Cordero

  My Yoga practice started in 2002 in Venezuela, my origin country.  At that time, it was a

  way of stretching and releasing my body from kick boxing practice.  It wasn't until I moved

  to USA in 2004 that I started practicing seriously.  I had always suffered from scoliosis and

  my doctor recommended me to practice Yoga.  I was living in Augusta, GA at that time

  and the only place available to practice was at the gym; so I decided to give it a try and

  that's how my journey and my yoga practice started.


  I have practiced different Yoga styles but it wasn't until I found Yoga One and the Baptiste

  practice in 2008 that I can honestly say I found "my practice".  Throughout my practice I've

  learned how to breathe, be patient (especially with myself) & truly present, and how to be

  a better listener.

To me, yoga is a way of living.


My practice has taken me on a journey and I am excited to explore where it will take me!  Inner peace, a better sense of myself, a tremendous amount of joy and a community practice is what keeps me coming back to my mat every time.  I truly feel that having the ability and opportunity to share all these amazing experiences with others is the greatest feeling someone can possibly have!


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