A Parking Parable


It's Tuesday night.  You are intent on making it to the 5:30 class.  After scrambling out of the office, you spent thirty minutes battling traffic.  The clock just hit 5:25 and you just hit the Yoga One Central parking lot.  You've made it this far, but now the parking lot is jam-packed full of cars!  As you circle around the parking lot, it seems like every single spot's been taken.  Your anxiety builds...


Is that a spot there? ... Nope.
There?! ... No, just a really tiny car.
Watch out! Blissed-out yogi at twelve o'clock!
By the time I get in there, they'll be in savasana!
Look!  That car with the dog in the back seat is pulling out!
But it says "Parking for The Dog Salon Only"
It's 5:29 and I still have to change!
What to do?!


Have no fear!  Yoga One is here!  We've got a few tips, hints, and friendly reminders about parking your car at Central before you park your mat:


  • Please make certain that your car is parked in a parking spot.  White lines on both sides of your car means it's a spot.
  • Don't forget the back lot!  There are lots of parking spaces behind the studio.
  • Please do not park directly in front of Yoga One's neighboring businesses.
  • Keep your eyes & ears open for blissed-out yogis floating to their cars.
  • Keep your valuables at home or in a cubby while you practice.  Yoga One is not responsible for damaged or stolen items.
  • Please park in the lower lot, especially on weekend evenings.  The upper lot in front of Family Dollar is used for paid parking on weekends.  If you are ever asked to pay for parking, just let them know you are with Yoga One.
  • And remember: Better late than never!  At Yoga One, you can always come into class after it's started!



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