Hands-on love!

It's an honor for us to help the Yoga One community grow in practice, and we love sharing the magic of assists with all you wonderful yogis out there.  A fantastic way to grow and expand your yoga practice and help others grow in their practice is through one-on-one in-class assists.

What is a one-on-one assistant? 

A one-on-one assistant is one of Yoga One's classroom assistants who spends a whole class giving you individual assists.  Your assistant will not move through the classroom giving others assists, they remain on or next to just your mat for the entire class.

What can I expect if I get a one-on-one?

Before the date of your one-on-one, you and your assistant will each receive a reminder email with your specific one-on-one information, (date, time, etc.).  On the date of your one-on-one with one of our lovely assistants, he or she will meet you before class to get you set up for success in your practice.  They will give you blocks, straps, bolsters, and answers to any questions you may have before starting class.  Throughout the class, your assistant will be giving hands-on assists to help you to grow in your practice as you flow through practice.

Who should get a one-on-one?

Anyone in any level of their practice!  One-on-one assists aid brand new-to-yoga yogis in developing their practice through the knowledge of poses and alignment; every-day practitioners are able to grow and deepen their physical practice and learn how to keep exploring their edge; and many yogis get one-on-ones simply because they like being assisted!  : )

                How much does a one-on-one cost?

                 One-on-one in-class assists are only $35 !

How to get or give the gift of hands-on love:
Stop by the front desk before or after class at either Y1 location to book your one-on-one or get one for a friend!



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