Nina Miller


  My life was hanging out in a state of limbo when I found yoga.  My college days seemed

  to come to an abrupt halt and I found myself floating between the past and the future.  I

  needed to become present.  I can’t recall exactly how I ended up on a yoga mat, but I

  clearly recall feeling grounded to the earth and awake in my body.


  Over the years, my yoga practice has showed up for me in monumental ways, helping me

  take on life’s surprises with strength and patience.  When I come to my mat now, it is with

  an incredible sense of gratitude.  Each class brings miles of growth and possibility and I

  love sharing this experience as a teacher.



Dance has always been a part of my life, so when I discovered Vinyasa, I was instantly drawn to the challenging yet graceful movement of the flow.  When I came to Yoga One, the Baptiste sequencing powerfully landed in my body.  I eagerly looked forward to hitting the reset button each day on my mat and building new pathways.


When I’m not on my mat or at work, I’m enjoying the outdoors and loving on my family.

Just this year I added “Mom” to my resume, and the journey has been extraordinary and showed me a whole new way to fall in love.


Show up big, be ready for anything and keep and open heart.


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