Michelle Ramseth



I am all about creating shifts in your body and in your life.  I speak directly to your body - the launch pad where you move from distraction to presence.  Come find out what you can do when you are present in your life.  I invite you to let your body guide you to your truth, integrity and power.


I started practicing yoga in 2004.  Once a week I left the business of my head and relished in my body with about 10 other ladies - most of them over 60.  I did this type of restorative yoga for 2 years and saw dramatic shifts in my life.  I began to notice there was more available to me than the pressures I felt from work and past mistakes.  I was able to notice others.  I met a sweet man and he moved my sweet self from the mountains of Southern California to the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina.




THEN...I found Yoga One. Talk about shifting.  I showed up the first day with my blanket, ready to roll around on the floor.  I realized quickly that this was not the yoga I had experienced before.  This was the place to wake up to life, to be moved, to recognize my inner teacher, to get the party started.


I was ready.  I took Yoga One’s first 200 hour teaching training in 2008 and fell in love with the process of teaching, Yoga One’s culture and Baptiste Yoga.  I have been a dedicated student of Baron Baptiste since 2009.  I am grateful to be a student of this practice and of life, possibility, playfulness and love.


This practice has given me the space to be a loving wife and adventurous companion for my husband & our dogs.  We get out there and live life large - whether it’s canoeing in the wilderness, attending & loving my elderly mother or simply looking each other directly in the eye and saying Yes to being together.



Each day I celebrate life!  I celebrate in the classroom through self expression and willingness to be seen by you - my favorite teachers.


Come join me!




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