Yoga One's Monthly Membership is unlimited yoga, charged monthly to a credit or debit card.  This package makes it easy & economical to practice as much as you want!  No more waiting around to pay for classes.  No more worrying about when your package expires.  With a Monthly Membership, you can choose which date to pay each month and we take care of the rest.  Plus, you get the bonus of special discounts on Yoga One workshops, special advance sales (like Black Friday) AND you'll receive certain workshops for FREE!  All-you-can-OM for just $92 a month...EXCEPTIONAL!
How It Works:
  • You choose a credit or debit card to pay with.
  • Monthly Memberships automatically draft $92 from your account on the same day each month until you would like to cancel.
  • Monthly Memberships require a THREE MONTH MINIMUM commitment, after which you have the option to cancel your Monthly Membership.

  • Clients with Memberships will receive discounted prices on certain workshops.
  • Throughout the year, Members will be offered select FREE workshops!
  • Get the VIP retail experience with advance sales (such as Orange Tuesday/Black Friday).
  • Bring in a friend for FREE with your Monthly Membership Guest Pass.
  • Receive priority for Yoga One's Mat Storage at BOTH studios.
  • And we'll be offering fun perks SEASONALLY that will surprise and delight!

Curious About Cancelling Your Contract?

We love all of our yogis and we understand that sometimes cancellation is necessary.  If you need to terminate your Membership contract with Yoga One, we require written confirmation at least 5 days before your Monthly Membership draft date.

  • At least 5 business days before your Membership draft date, submit a written request for cancellation.
    • Fill out our online form for cancellation here: Membership Cancellation Form
    • Fill out a written cancellation request form at the front desk at either location.
    • You will receive a confirmation email or phone call within 2-3 business days of your request.

A Few Important Things to Remember:
  • Monthly Memberships may be cancelled only AFTER the three month minimum commitment is fulfilled.
    • This means after your third payment is made we will be able to process a request for cancellation. If you require cancellation before the three months are up, the entire three month contract price is due upon termination.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted 5 business days prior to your Membership draft date.
  • For questions, comments or feedback call the front desk at Y1 Central (704) 332-9911 or email

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