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Kevin-Cross-HeadshotI grew up in a village, on the Isle of Purbeck in England and have been a hairdresser since childhood.  I immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-80’s and worked in Miami.  My initial perception of yoga was that it was for those who had lithe, flexible bodies.  I thought it was for people in their teens and twenties who practiced for years to be able to do it right.  It didn’t seem suited for a middle-aged hairdresser who spent most of his life overweight, out of shape, and with a history of unhealthy addictions to chemicals and food.


One Saturday in September 2008, I went to Bally’s expecting to take a routine aerobic class, and was surprised that an introductory yoga class was scheduled instead.  The experience peaked my curiosity about yoga, but I knew I’d have to look past Bally’s to learn more.


My initial search led me to a South End yoga studio where I met Daniel McCall for my first proper one-on-one class.  I knew I’d stumbled on something different, but I had no idea how profound this journey was going to be.  I’m continually amazed by how a rubber mat, an open mind, and a towel can do so much.


Through the unconditional support, guidance and encouragement of wonderful teachers I’ve been renovated through yoga.  I’ve broken through mental and emotional boundaries and transformed my physical body and the way I view myself.  Yoga is a beneficial factor in the quality of communication I have with my salon clients and hairdressing students in my cosmetology classes.


I am delighted to be working with Yoga One family of students, assistants and teachers and commit to reciprocating the gifts I’ve received by sharing and assisting others in their own journey.


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