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I am a mother, yoga teacher, and a student.  I'm a former corporate girl turned yoga teacher and employee to two small kiddos.  I never saw myself as a stay-at-home parent but five years ago I embraced chaos, crazy and my roadmap and began my journey to my next career.  Daily life with two kids is a roller coaster.  Without a handbook for how to raise two energetic kids I did the only thing I knew how to do, relied on my intuition and built a community of fellow mothers to learn and grow with.  Never before had my personal time meant so much to me and especially the hours I spent on my yoga mat.  Although I intentionally made an effort to not lose “myself” in parenthood, many days I felt like I was slowing sinking away from my most authentic self.  It was on my yoga mat and after class that I felt reconnected to “me” - empowered and free.


My growth in motherhood has been giving up my expectation of what I think parenthood should look like and instead crushing those notions with my own ideas of how to raise my kids.  I experienced this same feeling on my yoga mat.  Years of far away worship of yoga teachers I never thought I could be because I wasn't "om" enough began to break down.  I experienced authenticity, connection and realness in my yoga practice.  Slowly that story I created of what a mother and a yoga teacher looked like melted away.  I felt a slow simmer of authenticity and realness rising in my body.


Jen-F-Yoga-PortraitI acted on my dream and in June of 2011, I finished my yoga teacher training at Yoga One.  Teaching for me is my truest, deepest, fullest expression of my heart-led calling in life.  I hope to lead students in class to practice love, joy, possibility, presence and freedom so that they can connect with their most authentic self.


I'm joined in partnership with my husband of 9 years, Doug and our two children Wil (5) and Owen (3).  I am passionate about food and cooking and enjoy reading cookbooks, cooking and seeking out new restaurants.  I love cured meat, watermelon and a great slice of pizza.  I grew up around sports (thanks Dad) and now I cheer for the Wildcats (Kentucky that is), check my fantasy football team more than my makeup and always, always cheer for the underdog.  My Mom instilled a love for travel at a young age with her passion for travel and although zoos, children's museums and trips to the beach are more my normal since having children, I dream of Caribbean beaches, Parisian cafes, the hills of

Tuscany and Vermont in the summer.


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