Heather Koz

I was 6 months pregnant and desperate to find comfort in my ever-expanding body when I walked into my first Yoga class at my gym.  I modified poses and was forced to take my time navigating this brave new world.  For the first time in months, my back stopped aching, I was holding less tension in my neck and shoulders, I was paying attention to my breath and experiencing a deeper connection to the life growing inside of me.  Following the birth of my second daughter, I came back to yoga again, only this time I had found Baptiste Yoga and was hooked!  In an effort to feel like my old self again, I started running & weight lifting.  Yoga was not just the perfect physical compliment for both, but more importantly satisfied my need to unwind my mind, feel a lift in my spirit and have some time for just me- even if for just an hour!
The same year I was studying for my Personal Trainer Certification was when I felt called to teach yoga. It was completely unexpected and inconvenient at times, and yet I have no doubt that it was one of the most profound decisions of my life. I completed my 200 hour RYT & 85 hour PRYT (Prenatal) in 2011, and have since attended a Baptiste Immersion, Level 1, and the Art of Assisting.
I hope to attend Level 2 and continue on with my Baptiste Certification in 2015. I currently also teach the Kids Yoga program at our school and am LIT UP sharing this incredible practice with our next generations. There may be nothing more fulfilling than seeing their yoga in action as they learn to tune in to themselves, trust who they are, and show up in the world with a heart full of love and a mind full of ideas on how to make the world a better place.
From the moment I walked into Yoga One I felt something I’d never felt before. Electric, warm, sunshiney, I was invited to experience a new-found freedom in my body, drenched in sweat, shaking on my mat with a huge smile on my face! I was falling in love. And it hasn’t left me yet.
I know about the fear of something new. I understand not being able to make every pose look perfect, forgetting to breathe, getting so caught up in getting it right that I lose the purpose of why I even came. And guess what? That’s ok. Yoga does the work. All you have to do is show up, give it everything you’ve got, let then let go. It’s just that simple. We are all about holding each other accountable, filling up with LOVE and encouraging every yogi to GROW into the fullest and greatest expression of themselves.
Look around the room sometime- we are all in it together and together we can accomplish anything.  Be fearless!  Come find out what all the excitement's about!

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