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Below are some helpful answers and articles to make your visit to Yoga One amazing!  From hotels to hydration, we're here for you.

Need an answer for a question that's not listed below?  Use the feedback form at the bottom of the page to ask us!  Better yet, you can call us at 704-332-9911.  We love talking to real people too!


New to yoga? New to Yoga One? Start here!

What is Baptiste Yoga™? -- click here for more info

From the Baptiste Yoga™ website:
“The Baptiste Yoga™ practice supports you to raise your vitality and physical power and empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. This practice will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life."
Baptiste Affiliate Studios primarily offer Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga taught by highly effective Baptiste leaders and teachers in the community. Studios have an ongoing relationship with the Baptiste Institute to maintain the quality, standards and effectiveness of the Baptiste Methodology™.

Where do I begin? -- click here for more info



Yoga is the process by which you get out of your head and into your body.  By using a series of physical postures and your breath, you can develop an intimate understanding of the many different aspects of yourself.  Yoga develops a personal awareness of your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states and helps unify them.  Yoga is a deeply personal experience: you create your practice and in turn learn about yourself.



Everyone and anyone can practice yoga.  Whether you can stand on your head or barely bend over towards your toes, we PROMISE that you can practice yoga.  You need not come with strength, flexibility, experience or spirituality.  You don’t even have to come with willingness or an open mind.  Just come as YOU, that’s all you need: to come and give it a chance.



Yoga classes resemble in appearance what you might visualize any exercise class to look like (though you will soon discover that it is quite different).  In other words, there are multiple students of varying degrees of experience in a room with a teacher who will guide the group as a whole with instructions leading them into their own, personal practices.  This means that each posture, movement, and exercise is what the individual makes it.  All the poses will encourage awareness of breath, clarity of mind, and lightness of heart as well as developing flexibility, strength, and peace in the body, mind and spirit.  While the above helps describe what you can expect, we encourage you to come free from expectation: that of yoga and of yourself.  Instead, we invite you to experience!



You can begin by attending any yoga class.  The first step is to simply let go of any resistance and come try it out.  You can contact us beforehand to discuss the classes and we recommend that you introduce yourself to our supportive and loving teachers when you arrive.  Simply come; curious, confused, skeptical or ambitious…it’s all okay.  Be light, have fun and smile- that’s where to begin!



To attend, check out our Central or University schedule (click here) and show up!  Feel free to call us, email us, or even drop by the studio beforehand if you have any questions or concerns.  Otherwise, just show up!



Just bring yourself, dressed in comfortable clothing suitable for exercise.  If you have a mat and towel, bring them along as well as some water.  Otherwise we can rent you mats and towels.  We offer showers at the studio, so you can bring a change of clothes if you wish to freshen up after class.


See you on the mat!

What should I expect from my first class? -- click here for more info


Everybody has a first class! Expect to breathe, move, sweat, and have fun! Here are some tips on what to be ready for when you walk in the door.


Before Class:

  • Hydrate well before class. Use an electrolyte replenisher (such as Ultima) with your water. Click here to read a little more about keeping your practice hydrated.
  • It's best to practice with a well nourished body and an empty stomach, so eat two or more hours before practicing to give food time to digest.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable to move and sweat in. Our classes are hot and humid so bring a bag for your sweaty clothes.


  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to your first class.
  • Fill out a waiver and our front desk staff will direct you to changing rooms, storage for shoes and the practice space.
  • When you enter the studio to practice, align your mat with the parking spots on the floor.
  • Please silence all cell phones when you store them.
  • Mention any pre-existing injury or medical condition to the instructor and assistants before class begins.


After Class:

  • Place your used blocks on the blue carts outside the studio door and hang straps on the pegs by the exit.
  • Eye towels or rental mats go in the silver bins on the blue carts outside of the practice room.
  • Continue to hydrate after class and nourish yourself with good food.
  • Enjoy our vibrant community! You can stay and chat with other yogis or ask the teacher questions.
  • The yoga buzz might have you energized and eager to tackle your day, be sure to check for all your belongings before leaving.


Is there a special deal for new students? -- click here for more info


YES!  First class not enough? We're here to share the yoga! Clients can purchase a full MONTH of Unlimited Yoga for $31. That's just a dollar a day. We'll give you 31 days in the short months too - even February!

Use your first month to try out different teachers, different class times, or just see how many classes you can take in one day!


What's Yoga One's refund policy? -- click here for more info


Most retail or class package purchases are final. You can find all the details of our Terms of Service and Refund Policy here.



Questions about your practice? Seek and find here!

Water Your Practice! Tips on hydration. - click here for more info


Did you know that in addition to drinking a balanced fluid intake of water you need an electrolyte replenisher to stay hydrated?

We want you to be your biggest, brightest selves, so drink plenty of water and use an electrolyte replenisher such as Ultima, Gatorade, or coconut water before, during, and after you hit the mat!

Check out these helpful tips on hydration!


What if I am not Flexible? -- click here for more info


Yoga is about opening up the body, but more importantly it's about opening up the mind. As you let go of tension, drop the need for a pose to look a certain way, and breathe, you will create more flexibility and range of motion. Our mission is a commitment to expanding physical and mental limitations, one class at a time.


Can I Practice if I am Pregnant? -- click here for more info


ALWAYS check with a physician before starting a new physically challenging program.


Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa is accessible and can be modified for many situations. It is helpful to have a strong practice before becoming pregnant, as starting a new exercise is not recommended.


Lying on the stomach and inversions are contraindicated for pregnancy, so speak with an instructor before class for suggestions on alternatives.

We also offer prenatal classes! Click here for upcoming class times!


What We Are Reading -- click here for more info


Ever wonder what your yoga teacher enjoys reading?

Here's a list of books that have inspired us! All of Baron Baptiste's books can be purchased in our boutique!


  • "Journey Into Power," Baron Baptiste
  • “40 Days to Personal Revolution”  Baron Baptiste
  • “Being of Power”  Baron Baptiste
  • “Light On Yoga”  BKS Iyengar
  • “Power of Now”  Eckhart Tolle
  • “A New Earth”  Eckhart Tolle
  • “How Yoga Works”  Geshe Michael Roach
  • “The Diamond Cutter”  Geshe Michael Roach
  • “Jivamukti Yoga”  David Life and Sharron Gannon
  • “Living Yoga”  Dr. Georg Feuerstein
  • “A Return to Love”  Marianne Williamson
  • “The Living Gita”  Swami Satchidananda
  • “Anatomy of the Spirit”  Caroline Myss
  • “The Art of Joyful Living”  Swami Rama
  • “Meditations from the Mat”  Rolf Gates
  • “Stages of Meditation”  His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Studios + Retreats We Enjoy -- click here for more info


Don't forget to pack your mat! Keeping up your yoga practice while on the road is a great way to stay connected and centered in your body.


Here are some studios and retreats that we have visited. Remember you can also search by city on to find other Baptiste Affiliate Studios.


YOGA STUDIOS – Boston – Seattle – Cleveland – Pennsylvania – California, New York – San Fransisco – Boulder,CO – Arizona – Phoenix, Scottsdale, Grayhawk – for events in Dallas – yoga in Dallas – NYC – NYC – Boston, NY, Dallas, Chicago, California – Atlanta – Miami






Visiting Charlotte? Get a room and some grub!

Places to Stay in the Queen City! -- click here for more info


Welcome to Charlotte!

If you're visiting from outside the city and need a place to stay while in town, we've put together a list of hotels close to Yoga One, Plaza Midwood, and downtown Charlotte.


Here are a few places in the Queen City for you to take a peek at:


Hilton Charlotte City Center

222 East Third Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 377 - 1500


Holiday Inn Hotel

230 North College Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 335 - 5400

The Ritz - Carlton

201 East Trade Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 547 - 2244


The Westin Charlotte

601 South College Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 375 - 2600

Hilton Garden Inn Uptown

508 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Charlotte, NC

(704) 347 - 5972


Crowne Plaza Hotel

201 S. McDowell Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 372 - 7550

Residence Inn Uptown

404 S. Mint Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 340 - 4000


Days Inn Charlotte Center City

601 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 333 - 4733

Blake Hotel

555 South McDowell Street

Charlotte, NC

(704) 372 - 4100


The Duke Mansion

400 Hermitage Road

Charlotte, NC

(704) 714 - 4400

The Vanlandingham Estate

2010 The Plaza

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 334 - 8909 - main

(888) 524 - 2020 - toll free


The Morehead Inn

1122 E. Morehead Street

Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 376 - 3357 - main

(888) 667 - 3432 - toll free


Feel free to contact us by phone (704) 332-9911 or email if you need any more information.


Good Eats in the Neighborhood! -- click here for more info


Welcome to Plaza - Midwood!!

Yoga One is located in a very unique and eclectic part of the Queen City, Plaza - Midwood! This special community has a bunch of delightful things to offer residents and visitors. Driving down The Plaza, you'll pass through the scenic historic district, and definitely take a stroll down Central Avenue to stop in the wide variety of funky shops.


But the icing on the cake is the crazy amount of just really awesome restaurants around here. We know that Y1 is made up of some yogis hungry for good food to go with their good company, and we wanted to share some of our favorite places with you!


So here it is , a list of our favorite places around town that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!


Common Market

2007 Commonwealth Ave.

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 334 - 6209



Made-to-order sandwhiches & soups. Vegetarian & Vegan options. 

Deli open for Breakfast & Lunch, $5 Food Plates 5-9pm Monday-Thursday.

 Zada Jane's Corner Cafe 

1601 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 332 - 3663

Zada Jane's Facebook



Extensive vegetarian, organic menu


 Crisp Foods

1971 East 7th Street

Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 333 - 9515



Build your own salads / sandwhiches + soups


Soul Gastrolounge

1500 1/2 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 348 - 1848 



Innovative sushi, global tapas, and crafted cocktails


 Bistro La Bon

1322 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 333 - 4646

Check them out on Facebook!



Sophisticated, locally sourced international cooking in a simple strip-mall location.

1220 Thomas Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 344 - 0343



Neighborhood restaurant with Mom's comfort food


 Diamond Restaurant

1901 Commonwealth Ave.

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 375 - 8959



Throw-back to diner classics with a modern twist


 Hawthorne's New York Pizza & Bar

1701 East 7th Street

Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 295 - 4440



NY styled hand - tossed pizza + pastas


 Amelie's French Bakery

2424 North Davidson Street #102

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 376 - 1781



24 hour french bakery serving an array of delicious soups, sandwiches, salads and classic french pastries. Grab & go or kick up your feel and plug in your computer in the comfort of repurposed furniture and handmade chadeliers.
  Krazy Fish

2501 Central Ave

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 332 - 1004



World soul seafood fusion with legendary flair.



1323 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 377 - 1825



Delicious foods from the earth prepared with love. A vegetarian's delight right across the street!


 Luna's Living Kitchen

2000 South Boulevard

Ste. 3000

Charlotte, NC 28203

(704) 333 - 0008



Feed your heart & soul with the living art of fresh vegan & raw foods.
Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm  (Closed Sunday)
 Healthy Home Market

1330 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

(980) 267-3303



Prepared foods & juice bar for every palate (meat lovers - raw food enthusiasts) 
 Earth Fare

721 Govenor Morrison Street

Suite 110

Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 749 - 5042



Grocery store that provides an abundance of local and organic products. Extensive cold and hot prepared foods bar. 

415 Hawthorne Lane

Charlotte, NC 28204

(980) 237 - 0308



Latin street grill that specializes in serving the freshest, most authentic, made to order dishes.
Earl's Grocery

1609 Elizabeth Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 333 - 2757



Informal eatery & gourmet grocery.  Monday-Friday : 7:30am-7:30pm
Saturday : 8:30am-6pm  (Closed Sunday)


Feel free to contact Y1 Central by phone if you'd like to know more about some of our favorite places to eat in Plaza Midwood!  (704) 332 - 9911



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