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I am an artist who travels the world teaching yoga, art and play as healthy forms of expression and meditation. My curriculum incorporates body movement and creative excavation that re-trains the mind to be more flexible, adaptable, and open to greater possibility.

My educational background centers on Design, Visual Arts and Literature. My understanding of the creative process and humanities led me to the significant understanding that people are infinitely creative and adaptable. My programs focus on reactivating the innate powers of imagination and genius available to everyone, and turning possibility into probability through powerful vision and goal setting training.




While teaching yoga and leading creative retreat programs, I also earned a black belt in In-Yo Aikido, and hold the title of Sensei 1st Dan, which grants me the privilege to instruct students in the dojo. In-Yo Aikido is a synthesis of martial arts and philosophy that can be translated as “The Way of the Harmonious Spirit."



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