Ashley Hardee

My yoga practice began one Sunday at a Yoga One Karma class in the Fall of 2010.  After it ended I was blown away by the feeling of lightness and peace I had, and quite frankly that I'd survived the class.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing or how to do many of the poses, but I loved it, so I just kept coming back, and back and back.
I love the classes at Yoga One, but what really drew me in was the sense of community I found there. The way everyone says hello, smiles and offers a hug. I wanted to be closer to this community and quickly found myself in the 40 Days program, Teacher Assistant Training, then Baron Baptiste's Foundations in Action and Level One teacher training! Through my practice, assisting and each program I learned something new about myself.
When I'm not practicing, teaching, or assisting at Yoga One, I'm working in banking, cooking, playing outdoors, riding my bike and traveling the world.

To this day, I continue to find peace from my practice as well as increased strength and flexibility,
and I can't stop coming back!


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