40 Days to Personal Revolution

 February 12th - March 24th

    led by Daniel McCall
Change your habits, change your life!

Yes, making change is difficult. Lessons and behaviors take time to sink into our subconscious.
Reading a book about how to do yoga and eat well just isn’t going to get you into the shape you want.

40 Days to Personal Revolution is about doing. It’s about doing something for 40 days so that old routines can be confronted, challenged, and ultimately altered.  It’s 40 days so that new habits that create healthy, powerful lives can be tested, argued with, practiced, and solidified into new ways of living.  It’s 40 Days because it’s a sprint, and then it’s over. But in that time you will change.

40 Days to Personal Revolution is a way to level up your life through intentional transformative work. We’ll meditate, we’ll practice yoga, and we’ll look at how both are impacting our lives on and off the mat.

40 Days to Personal Revolution is personal because it changes who you are and what you are capable of, not because you do it alone. You’ll be practicing with a group of people running in the same direction. You’ll be getting personal with people who are up for your greatness. You’ll be surprised how far you can go when you surrounded by people who are doing with work with you.


The 40 Days to Personal Revolution is for people who are ready to make a change.

It’s for people who want to change themselves, change their organizations, their company, and change the world.

It’s for people who are ready for a revolution in their life.

It’s for people who are ready to raise their hand, take their turn at life, and have a bigger impact on the world around them.

It’s about developing a toolkit that you can use to make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Okay, I’m in! What does it look like?

This program has four components:
  1. Daily yoga practice: 5 days at the studio, 1 home practice, and a day of rest
  2. Diet insight and plan
  3. Meditation
  4. Excavation questions and dialogue

Each week we will focus on a different theme, which will provide the framework for the components of the program. We will meet as a community each week to discuss our progress and experience with the journey. These meetings will also be a tremendous resource of support and coaching.


Weekly meetings every Sunday, 12:45 - 1:45pm
Take the 11:30am and stay after!
The first meeting is Sunday February 12th!

Completion Party Practice: Friday March 24th, 5:30pm class
Completion Party in Studio B to follow!

Shift your vision and see brand new possibilities for YOU in YOUR LIFE!
When we get up to big things together, we fly farther than we dreamed of flying on our own. This is a flagship program and we are excited to create it with YOU ~ our community!


Program Pricing:
  • $40  Early Bird Special
    • through January 31st
  • $50  Full Price
  • 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste
    • sold separately from the program
  • 40 Day yoga package: $135
    • valid Feb 13th - March 24th
  • Support your practice! Sign up for our  Monthly Membership  and receive $40 off your first month!
    • (minimum three month commitment)



W e   a s k e d .     Y o g i s   a n s w e r e d .
"Why participate in 40 Days?"
"I completed this program having learned more about myself.  I gained a deeper insight into what 'practice' means, got to experience what a consistent yoga practice feels like and what it brings to my life.  I realized how meaningful it is to just show up and be present regardless of how I may be feeling."  -Linda Alley
"I am infinitely glad I did this program.  I am stronger now, in more ways than one.  I found ways to focus on myself and I notice the positive impact of 40 Days in every other aspect of my life."  -Sarah Provencal
"Since 40 Days, my practice has changed significantly.  I bring it all back to staying present, I listen to what my body is telling me and stay focused on my breathing.  In my practice, I've noticed that I now look for the quality of my attention and how open I feel."  -Linda
"For me, stepping up to the physical challenge and incorporating meditation into my practice were the best parts.  I have noticed a more calm approach to every part of my life and how I'm able to go with the flow when I used to react with anger."
-Katie Vodra

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